Pomegranate: An Exquisite Fruit

Since ancient times, pomegranates have been valued by many civilizations for their unique and flavorful taste as well as their nutritional value. The pomegranate is known for its exceptional beauty, robust color and flavor, as well as the many health benefits it provides.

The pomegranate is truly a unique fruit; the crown, or outer layer,¬†surrounds countless ruby-colored arils. Due to this uniqueness and beauty, pomegranates can be considered the “queen of fruits.” In fact, the pomegranate was even mentioned in the Homeric Hymns as well as the Book of Exodus.

The exquisite pomegranate

Since the Agricultural Revolution of prehistoric times, the pomegranate has been grown in Europe and Asia, and is now grown in a much of Asia, especially southeast Asia. In 1769, the pomegranate was introduced to southwest North America and Latin America by Spanish settlers. Nowadays, the pomegranate is grown in southwest USA to make juice.

In modern times, pomegranates are used in a countless variety of drinks: energy drinks, sports drinks, and health drinks. In fact, almost everyone has heard of the drink, POMWonderful. It’s no longer a secret that pomegranates have powerful health benefits.

However, many people may not have tasted an unprocessed pomegranate. The pomegranate is growing in prominence in American and Canadian markets, and more and more people are starting to purchase pomegranates on a daily basis.

Pomegranates can be used in a large range of recipes. Of course, they can be eaten by themselves. But,did you know that pomegranates make a dazzling addition to any green salad? Or, you could use them as the base of a dressing.

We won’t go too far into the health benefits of pomegranates in this article, but I’ll start by saying that pomegranates provide tons of health benefits. And, unlike claims that haven’t been backed up, such as wild acai berry claims, the pomegranate’s health benefits have widely been confirmed by scientists.

Pomegranates provide a huge supply of vitamins and minerals, many times the amount of conventional fruits. In addition, pomegranate juice has been proved to be effective in preventing heart disease by cutting down on the risk factors of heart disease.

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