Square Watermelons

I’m pretty sure many people would not consider the watermelon to be an exotic fruit.  However the square watermelon is so interesting and unique that you could consider it to be an exotic fruit.

“What exactly is the square watermelon?”, you may be asking. You may not have seen the square watermelon in supermarkets in the United States yet. However they’ve been quite popular in Japan for the last decade or so. Square watermelons are basically watermelons except with the square shape. Interestingly enough they are not another species, but rather watermelons that have been grown inside a square-shaped box. The box’s shape results in the watermelon growing up to be in a square shape.

Why exactly did people get the idea to make a square-shaped watermelon? Well, if you think about it, many people have had trouble trying to fit round fruit inside their refrigerators. Even more have you ever experienced trouble with trying to cut round shaped and large fruit?

This ultimately led to the creation of the square watermelon, invented by a farmer on the island of Shikoku in southwestern Japan. Though square watermelons are quite prominent in Japan, they are not exactly very popular. In fact, usually they can only be found in upper class and  high-end supermarkets and department stores. In fact they’re usually only bought by richer people in Tokyo and Osaka.

Square watermelon

A square watermelon. Photo credit: Laughlin

Why? Square watermelons are usually at least twice the price of normal watermelons, but get even more expensive than that. In fact, usually, square watermelon sold for 10,000 yen, which is actually almost US$100.

But the idea of square-shaped watermelons doesn’t stop just there. In fact, you might even see pyramid-shaped watermelons. In fact growers say that watermelons can potentially be grown into any polyhedral shape.

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