Mangosteen Health Benefits

People love discovering new fruits, and one of the newest healthy fruits discovered in the Western world is the mangosteen. The mangosteen is a fruit which grows on tropical trees in the Pacific, Africa and Asia. Although the taste may not be as potent as some of the more well-known fruits of the tropics, its health benefits are still apparent and extensive. Let’s take a look at this peach-like fruit in more detail, by listing a few of the mangosteen’s health benefits:


Have you ever seen this exotic fruit?

Unlike other super foods such as the acai berry and goji berry, the mangosteen is not as highly packed with tons of antioxidants and disease-fighting nutrients, but still has a ton of nutrients for its low-calorie count. In fact, the amount of antioxidants found in a mangosteen is quite a bit more than the amounts found in an apple, or an orange. These antioxidants are a great boost to one’s health, so try to consume as much as you can!

The mangosteen health benefits explained in this article are not the only ones available to you when considering the wide range of exotic fruits out there, so it is still a good idea to eat other fruits and vegetables, regardless of whether or not it they have been proven to prevent you from developing cancer, or some other illnesses. Fruit is fruit. It’s all healthy!

One of the best mangosteen health benefits, however, is the fact that it boosts your energy levels. Instead of drinking countless cups of coffee, or drinking artificial energy drinks, try to eat a mangosteen when you are feeling fatigued, as it’s a natural source of energy. The good thing about natural energy is that it is not bad for you, and it won’t make you crash after an hour or so, like caffeine will.

Another health benefit of the mangosteen which is partially linked to the one previously mentioned is its ability to lift your mood. In fact, it’s basically a natural antidepressant. When consumed, mangosteen has been scientifically shown to help provide the opposite effects of other energy boosting drugs, and actually makes you feel better. Researchers suggest its anti-depressant qualities are closely linked to its energy boosting qualities, but whatever the reason, it works! Not only does mangosteen help with depression, it has also been clinically proven to help with anxiety, as proven in a recent study.

The mangosteen may not appear as “super” as some of the other fruits available, but the fact is, it is highly beneficial. Often called a “miracle food,” the mangosteen offers many health benefits that us humans can benefit greatly from, so look out for some fresh mangosteen the next time you are shopping!

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