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Acai Berry Diets

The acai berry is a berry that grows naturally in the tropical rainforests of the Amazon region in Central and South America. Though it is not a common staple in American households, it is gaining popularity after scientists discovered the extraordinary benefits of this little berry. The berry may look nondescript at first as a regular dark berry, but the tropical berry has the power to increase your metabolism, or your body’s ability to burn fat away, and increase the body’s natural energy and ability.

acai berries

Did you know that these berries can help you lose weight?

Acai berries are remarkably high in antioxidants, or chemicals that help the body fight away harmful toxins. Antioxidants can also help people lose weight, according to reputed nutritionist Keri Glassman, R.D. The typical acai berry diet can help the average person lose up to 28 pounds a month if they follow the plan. The diet plan is simple—it just involves taking antioxidant-rich acai berries in the form of pills, and if it is followed well, anyone can trim their body down.

The powerful effects of acai berries have been mentioned on famous talk host Oprah’s show, and many people who have tried an acai berry diet themselves have witnessed the effects firsthand. Acai berries have a multitude of other health benefits, on top of helping people lose weight extremely quickly. The high amount of natural antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins it contains can revitalize loose or wrinkled skin, boost energy levels for people who are feeling sluggish, slow, or tired, reduce harmful cholesterol levels in the blood, and reverse effects of aging. Sticking to an acai berry diet can help you feel young again, as well as shedding the extra pounds that you just can’t seem to get rid of. It’s an amazing opportunity, and since the tropical fruits have been discovered and analyzed a few years ago, thousands of people have had their lives and bodies changed by this wonderful fruit. Say no more to diets that require you to follow strict food plans, exercise for hours, or forgo the pleasures of a normal life. A simple acai berry diet plan, with the pills of the exotic acai berry, is all you need to say hello to a healthier, younger, and more energetic you.

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Cancer Fighting Fruits

We all know that eating a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables is good for our overall health, and we are raised to believe that we need at least 5 pieces per day, but does eating these fruits and vegetables pose more benefits that we don’t know about? One benefit of eating fruit and vegetables which you probably didn’t know about (more specifically fruits), is that they can help fight off cancer. That’s right, cancer fighting fruits! How do they do it? Let’s take a look:

Almost every type of fruit contains what we call antioxidants. These antioxidants are essential to our health, as they are responsible for strengthening our immune system, fighting away disease and other unwanted antibodies, and even cancer prevention. It’s hard to believe that fruits can help you steer clear of cancer, but it’s true, and thanks to modern research, it is possible to know exactly what cancer fighting fruits we should be eating. Let’s take a look at 2 of the more popular ones:


You have all heard the phrase ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ right? Well, it could also be said that an apple a day, keeps the risk of developing prostate cancer away! Not only does eating apples on a regular basis help diminish the risk of developing prostate cancer, it also prevents the growth of cancerous tissues in the lungs, ultimately preventing lung cancer. Apples contain a type of flavonoid called quercetin, and this chemical is what is responsible for the previously mentioned benefits.


If one type of cancer fighting fruit could be called the ‘king’ (or queen!), it would most certainly be the berry. As you are well aware, berries come in a variety of forms, shapes and flavors, but the good thing is: They are all good for you! Berries are known to have the highest concentration of antioxidants of any fruit, and as we mentioned before, these antioxidants are what are responsible for the blockage of cancer development.

The way in which berries are responsible for the prevention of cancer, is by simply stabilizing the electrified free radicals in our bodies, which are what cause the development of cancerous tissues, and other chronic diseases. Eating berries on a daily basis can help keep you safe from all types of cancers, and other fatal diseases, so make sure you stock up on them!

Some of the ‘best’ berries (ones high in vitamins, and of course, antioxidants) include:

  • Acai berries, which of course are an extremely hyped exotic fruit!
  • Blackberries
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries

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The Acai Berry: Hype, Diets, Supplements, Cleansing…

Let me guess – the acai berry is probably the exotic fruit you’ve heard of most, even though you probably haven’t seen one in its raw form.  Of course you know of all the hype that acai berries have – acai berry diets, weight loss, acai berry supplements, acai cleansing, acai berry tea… when will it ever end?  But, does the acai berry really deserve all its hype?  Possibly – the acai berry does boast a plethora of helpful nutrients along with scientifically proven health benefits, but it isn’t that much better than some other exotic fruits in terms of weight loss and health benefits.

But what exactly is the acai berry?  Well, the actual name in Portuguese is “açaí,” pronounced [a,sa’i]. It is a berry that grows on a type of palm tree known as the acai palm.  Acai berries are native to Central and South America, mostly growing in an area from southern Central America down to northern South America, in nations such as Brazil and Peru.  Acai palms mostly grow in wet, humid areas, such as swamps, floodplains, and rainforests.

What does the acai berry actually look like?  Chances are you’ve never seen one in its raw, fresh, state.  This is because, compared to other fruits, they rot very quickly.  A fresh acai berry looks like a grape, but is a bit smaller.  It has less pulp and it grows in clumps of up to a thousand berries!


The acai berry plays in important role in the culture and diet of many Brazilian ethnic groups.  In fact, the acai berry was named as one of the most important plants to many indigenous ethnic groups in Brazil – in fact, for some, the acai berry was almost half of their diet!

As a health supplement

Nowadays, the acai is marketed in the Western world for its weight loss and health benefits.  Most of these health products are acai drinks and extracts.  Some may think acai is over-hyped, but there is some truth to the claims that marketers make.  Let’s take the health benefits that the acai provides.

Health and nutritional benefits

In the years around 2004, the acai became very popular in the United States because of promotion by celebrities.  However, these claims made by celebrities and marketers were backed by very little scientific evidence.

Now, with more scientific evidence, acai has been shown to be quite good in terms of nutritional content, though several other exotic fruits do beat it.  In fact, it is important to note that the acai berry does provide some great health benefits.  The acai berry provides a very plentiful supply of polyphenols and antioxidants, and comes with a ton of other nutrients.

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