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Moringa: The Hot New Superfood

We’ve seen many new superfood crazes over the years, but the moringa is proving to be one of the biggest and hottest new superfood ever.  New superfruits all turned out to have even more impressive health benefits and previous ones.  For example, the dragonfruit introduced an appealing looking peel and flesh, packed with antioxidants and vitamins.  The acai berry, another superfruit, became known to benefit the immune system and even promote weight loss.  Now, the moringa is being known as an amazing new powerfruit.


Packed with nutrients–no wonder the moringa is the world’s new superpower fruit.

It’s considered one of the richest fruits in nutritional value.  This fruit has been consumed by people for years as a nutrient-filled food good for the whole body.  The moringa’s bright green leaves, which are part of what makes it a superpower food, contain an impressive amount of  vitamins A, B, and C, as well as protein and numerous minerals and antioxidants.  If you’ve never eaten the leaves of the moringa, you might be surprised at their taste and how well they go with your food.  You can chop the leaves up and sprinkle them on salads and add them to omelets, or stir-fry with other veggies.  No matter what dish its put into, moringa leaves will turn it into a healthy food.

Moringa leaves are often ground up and sold as moringa leaf powder.  This powder can be stirred into drinks or used to make tea, and provides just as many health benefits as leaves that are not ground up.  Buy a can of powder and add some to your daily morning shake–it’s incredibly easy, and incredibly good for your body.  Most people who eat this product use between one teaspoon and one tablespoon of powder every day.

It’s not only the leaves of the amazing fruit that are valued–the seeds are also very healthy.  The seeds of this extraordinary superfruit contain about 40% oil that is high in a fatty acid called oleic acid.  The defatted meal contains more than 60% protein and is even used in water purification to clean out unwanted sediments.

These incredible health benefits of the moringa makes it one of best new superfruits. One great product I recommend is the [amazon asin=B007VHHROC&text=100% Pure Organic Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder Superfood].  This product provides a great amount of antioxidants, minerals and various other nutrients.

Miracle Fruit: Extraordinary Effects

The miracle fruit, as you might notice from its name, is truly a miracle. Also known as the miracle berry or miraculous berry, it originated in West Africa and has the amazing property of reducing the sour taste and sweetening sour foods.  With long, dark green leaves, the plant produces a bright red, single seeded, oval-shaped fruit that can reach 2-3 cm long.

miracle fruits

Ever heard of these miraculous fruits?

The miracle fruit, though it has low sugar content, covers most the sour taste of  foods such as lemons and limes but keeps the sweet flavor.  The fruit by itself has a mild, tangy taste.  When the fleshy inside  of a berry is chewed, the pulp coats taste buds in the mouth and a seemingly miraculous effect takes place–sour things no longer taste sour but sweet.  This amazing effect lasts for 30-60 minutes, until saliva washes away the molecules.

Sour foods are not the only foods that the miracle fruit effects. Many other foods such as tomatoes, grapefruit, pickled food, even cream cheese, vinegar and pizza obtain a sweet, extraordinary taste to it.  In West Africa, where the miracle fruit originated, local people have often picked the berry from bushes and chewed it before eating meals.

The miracle fruit contains a molecule called miraculin,  which is responsible for the sweet effect.  The miraculin molecules stick to taste buds on the tongue, and when other foods are eaten, activates the sweet receptors causing everything to taste sweet.